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The 2003 Flashshot Halloween Contest Winners

First Place Winner

By Barry Hollander

Pumpkin lit, yet not carved.  Face drawn then smeared as if from a greasy rag, a hole cut on top, inside a tiny candle.  The air smelled of burned pumpkin.  A smoldering sacrifice at the alley’s throat.

 “Dare you,” whispered Calvin.

 “Chicken,” added Mike.

Inside lived the homeless guy, cardboard propped up against a dumpster for a roof.  Stephen edged past the pumpkin, made out a huddled shape.

 “Trick or treat?”

A hand emerged from shadow, an arm.  Bones cracked like dry twigs; in the hand, three pieces of candy.

 “One for each,” he said.

Stephen took the candy.  “Thank you.”  He backed away.



 “Remember to share.”

© 2003 Barry Hollander

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Runner Up

By Ef Deal

"George, look at these adorable costumes!" Frances gushed.

The cherubs at her door cried, "Trick or treat!" holding out their sacks.

George had to agree.  A princess, a bumblebee, a wee little sailor, and a chubby ghost, his face pale and wan as he stared up with wide eyes.  The costumes must have cost a fortune for the fine fabrics and the convincing details, especially the make-up on that ghost.

"Whatever happened to a sheet and two holes?" he grumbled as he dropped Snickers bars into the sacks.

The fourth Snickers dropped to the porch.

"George," Frances scolded.  "Can't you count?  There are only three children."

© 2003 Ef Deal

Honorable Mention

Children Of The Candy Corn
By William I. Lengeman III

Old man Burke's house was out of the way, but Jimmy alwaysdetoured there for a bag of candy corn, neatly tied with a red ribbon.

This year Burke had replaced the standard issue kernels withtiny waxy figures. Their sugary bodies had white flesh, yellow clothing andorange hair.

"Thanks, Mr. Burke." Jimmy said. He was already untying theribbon.The candies were delicious. Jimmy couldn't hear the agonized screams orthe crunching of bones as he chewed, but Burke could. The old man just smiled.

© William I. Lengeman III

Thanks to Mike Whitney who donated one of his great CDs to the prize package.  If you haven't heard Mike's music, go to